I’m Ryan. A NY-based creative director / writer who used to design cars in Detroit.

Whatever the medium, I like to make big ideas with simple words and beautiful visuals.

And for over a decade I’ve done just that for some of the world’s top brands.

Currently at Rokkan.


Rokkan, Creative Director
Publicis, Creative Director
Sid Lee, Associate Creative Director
Grey, Associate Creative Director
Hudson Rouge, Senior Copywriter
R/GA, Senior Copywriter
Firstborn, Copywriter
Jalopnik, Writer
General Motors, Automotive Industrial Designer


Cadillac • Apple • Stella Artois • Absolut Elyx • Absolut Vodka • Facebook • Samsung • Merrell Outdoor • Volvo Cars • Crown Royal • The Lincoln Motor Co. • Verizon • Verizon FiOS • Verizon Small Business • Ford • Starburst • Skittles • 5Gum • Premiere Exhibitions • SoBe • Aflac

College for Creative Studies (industrial design)
Eastern Michigan University (communications & film)

2016 Absolut Elyx, ADDY Gold
2016 Absolut Elyx, ADDY Excellence Award
2016 Absolut Elyx, Type Director's Club Design Winner
2015 Lincoln, Comm Arts Type Annual 5 Feature
2014 Volvo, FWA Site of the Day
2014 Lincoln, Webby, Online Film, Nominee
2014 Lincoln, Comm Arts, Creative Exhibit
2014 Lincoln, AICP, Design Shortlist
2010 Titanic, FWA Site of the Day
2010 Titanic, Webby, Science, Nominee
2010 Titanic, Davey Award, Community, Gold
2010 Titanic, Comm Arts, Information Design
2010 Titanic, Telly Awards, Docu, Silver
2010 Titanic, Communicator, Award of Excellence
2010 Titanic, OMMA, Web Site Excellence
2010 Titanic, HOW Interactive, Merit Winner

2010 Titanic, SXSW, Classic Winner
2010 Ford, FWA Site of the Day
2010 Ford, Webby, Automotive, Honoree
2010 SoBe, FWA Site of the Day
2010 SoBe, FWA Mobile of the Day
2010 SoBe, HIVE Award, Packaged Goods Winner
2010 SoBe, Summit Creative, Consumer Product, Gold
2010 5Gum, FWA Site of the Day
2010 5Gum, Webby, Food & Beverage, Nominee
2010 5Gum, OMMA, Web Site Excellence
2010 5Gum, HOW Interactive, Merit Winner
2010 5Gum, HOW, Consumer Website Winner
2010 5Gum, Tomorrow Awards, Shortlist
2010 Dofl Ball, FWA Mobile of the Day
2010 Dofl Ball, HOW Interactive, Merit Winner
2010 Dofl Ball, Ad Age, Coolest Apps of 2010