Apple – Movies That Move You


In a world of Netflix and chill, Apple wanted to celebrate the movies with the power to make us feel. With thoughtful editing, a modular copy structure, and a design system inspired by vintage filmstrips; we distilled each Oscar-nominated films' most moving moments into a social-first campaign that ultimately became the largest Apple Movies campaign to date.


Executive Creative Director: Daniel Chandler
Associate Creative Director: Ryan O'Keefe
Senior Art Director: André Gidoin
Designers: Thørbjorn Gudnason, Adam Turnbull, Jessica Marak
Executive Producer: David Isaac
Production: Buck
Editor: Mark Potter @ Cosmo Street
Music: Human

Sid Lee, 2016

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Movies that move you.


Movies that bring us home.

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Movies that speak their mind.


Movies that let us escape.


Movies that leave us breathless.


Movies that set us free.


Movies that give us the feels.


Movies that reveal the truth.


Movies that open our eyes.


Movies that put us on edge.


Movies that get a load of me.

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Apple Movies Print — Vanity Fair

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Apple Movies Print — Entertainment Weekly


Apple Movies Print — Entertainment Weekly

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Apple Movies Print — Entertainment Weekly

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Apple Movies Print — Entertainment Weekly

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