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Cadillac was in dire straights. The cars were better than ever and sales were up, however, the brand was still attracting the same consumer base: old white men. To attract an entirely new, younger and more tech savvy demographic, we needed something that would radically disrupt their current 115-year-old business model.

With Cadillac, we co-developed and launched the world's first-ever luxury car subscription. A white glove service that eliminates the hassles of traditional car ownership and gives members the freedom to drive any Cadillac — including the Escalade and 640 hp CTS-V — for as long as they like, insurance, registration and maintenance included. With a successful NYC launch, we then opened the books for new drivers in select markets around the globe.


Chief Creative Officer: Andy Bird
Creative Director: Ryan O'Keefe
Copywriter: Wesley Tibbs
Strategy: V Murali

Publicis + Cadillac, 2017


BOOK by Cadillac Case Study