Hi Jeff,



I hope it’s cool that I call you Jeff.



Please let me know in your reply.



I’m Ryan.



You’re on my website,
but I’ll get to that in a bit.



I have a confession.



Not the kind of confession
good Catholics make.



Not the kind dumb crooks let slip
in smart cop shows.



An honest confession.



One my wife says
I probably shouldn’t open a note with.



Especially not one addressed
to a legend like yourself.



I never was one to play it safe.



So here goes…



I was recently fired
as creative director of the Cadillac account
in New York.



Not for being bad at my job
or for being a jerk
or anything like that.



But for pushing too hard to make great,
interesting, hopefully famous work.



Seriously, that’s what they said.



I want to make great, interesting,
hopefully famous work;
they did not.



There is no better place that can
help me make great, interesting,
hopefully famous work than in your shop.



Maybe you’re thinking:
“Who is this guy?
He’s brazen.
I like it.”



Or maybe not, who’s to say?



While you’re here,

a little about me:



I chased a childhood dream 13 years ago.



Designed cars for Detroit.



Got bored.



Waxed about cars for the internet.



Got wise.



Moved to New York.



Fell into advertising.



Wyatt Neumann placed a bet on me.



It worked.



I became a copywriter.



I liked it, so I stayed.



8.5 years whizzed by.



Got married.
Moved to Brooklyn.
Had a kid.



Worked in great agencies,
amongst great creatives.



Jon Pearce schooled me on craft.



Tor Myhren transformed my thinking.



I lucked into some incredible briefs:



Revived an American icon
from the brink of death.



Told the tale of the one whisky
made for a king.



Got a 116-year-old car brand
to stop selling cars.



Helped solve the world water crisis
with a pineapple.



I grew up out west.



Santa Barbara to be precise.



After a decade in Detroit,
and nearly as long in New York,
I’d love to come home.



Perhaps to work on BMW under your guidance.



Now about my website.
You’re on it.

Poke around in the link above
and let me know what you think.



Many thanks.






(917) 318-4463