Stella Artois –  The Music Video You Can Taste + Le Savoir


Inspired by Stella Artois’ infamous chalice — you know, the one designed to enhance the tasting notes of the beer — we created The World’s First Music Video You Can Taste featuring original music by The Roots. Not simply a fresh new track, but rather, a sensory experiment in collaboration with Quest Love, Black Thought and synesthesia expert Charles Spence of Oxford University. The two interpretations of the same track are designed to (and actually do) enhance the sweet and bitter notes of a Stella Artois.

Then we activated the Stella Artois brand like never before. Inspired by their Belgian heritage and French savoir faire, we created a global multi-sensory experiential platform we call Le Savoir. A series of sensorial dining experiences created in collaboration with The Roots, theatrical wizards Cirque du Soleil, and culinary experimentalists Bompas & Parr. Le Savoir was hosted in Montreal, New York City, Buenos Aires and Seoul. Each event ran 2-3 times per night over the course of 5-7 days in each city with more than 8560 guests in attendance.


Executive Creative Director: Daniel Chandler
Associate Creative Director: Ryan O'Keefe
Senior Art Director: André Gidoin
Experience Designer: Claudia Chagui
Producers: David Isaac & Betiel Salomon
Director: Ben Tricklebank @ Tool (music video)
Director: Lorrin Braddick @ Archer's Mark (bts)
Music: The Roots
Event Production: Cirque du Soleil & Bompas & Parr

Sid Lee, 2016


Campaign Case Study


The Roots – BitterSweet (Director's Cut)

Stella impressions.gif
Stella pr.gif
Stella cirque du soleil.gif
Stella bompas parr.gif

Le Savoir – The Event