Cadillac – Oscars 2017


2016 may have been the worst year ever.* Just as the country was being torn apart, along came a simple campaign with a powerful message urging us all to be greater together. Beyond the film "Carry" we created an integrated editorial-based campaign that uncovered the stories of those daring to carry each other. While the majority of this work never saw the light of day (politics), I am still proud of what the teams achieved.

* 2017 and 2018 would like to have a word.


Chief Creative Officer: Andy Bird
Creative Director: Ryan O'Keefe
Associate Creative Directors: Alan Wilson & Peter Defries
Copywriter: Eric Witman
Art Director: Gina Wall

Publicis, 2017

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NYTimes announcement


Display banners drive to the film

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Greater Together Landing Page

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Justin Normand Editorial

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Additional Editorial on