Invent a Better Now


DuPont, a 200-year-old company, wanted to reclaim its rightful seat as a modern, innovative thought leader.

So, to launch the new DuPont, we uncovered the essential innovations they make possible, everywhere, right now. But we couldn’t just make an anthem film. We had to be as innovative as the brand itself.

Using multiple smart data inputs, we created A Better N:OW, a John Hillcoat-directed hyper-dynamic film where the time, scenes, location of Earth, music and voice-over changed to every viewer’s now. The film even included dynamic news headlines and a livestream where we 3D prototyped a child’s prosthetic hand in real-time during the first 24 hours.

For every viewer to experience their now, we created 1,872,000 unique video files, enabling 22,464,000 possible dynamic permutations.


Invent a better n:ow (NON-DYNAMIC) 90”


Made with

ECD: Genevieve HoEY
CREATIVES: Ryan O’Keefe & Colin Kim & Lars Jorgensen & ChiungHui Chiu & Chris Liu & Grace Taylor & Jason Koxvold & Todd Beeby & Tomas Almuna & Cris Costa & so MANY, MANY MORE
EP: Jon Drawbough
DIR: John Hillcoat @ Serial
EDIT: Shane Reid @ Exile
MUSIC: atticus Ross

R/GA, 2019