Movies That
Move You


In a world of Netflix and chill, Apple wanted to celebrate the movies. So we identified the year’s best movies, those with the power to make us feel, and distilled them into their most poignant moments. We launched the social-first campaign during the Oscars in what became the largest Apple Movies campaign to date.


Movies That Move You, Pre-Roll, 30”


The Martian, 15”

Straight Outta Compton, 15”


Room, 15”

The Revenant, 15”


The Danish Girl, 15”

Brooklyn, 15”


Spotlight, 15”

The Big Short, 15”


Mad Max, 15”

Deadpool, 15”


Made with

ECD: Daniel Chandler
ACD CW: Ryan O'Keefe
SR AD: André Gidoin
DSGN: Thørbjorn Gudnason, Adam Turnbull, Jessica Marak
EP: David Isaac
PROD: Buck
EDIT: Mark Potter @ Cosmo Street
MUSIC: Human

Sid Lee, 2016