The One
Made For A King

Crown Royal

Crown Royal’s reign was under siege by an influx of self-proclaimed craft whiskies. To reclaim Crown’s rightful place on the throne, we told the epic true tale of the original craft whisky — the one perfectly smooth whisky made for a visiting king.


The One, Film, 90”


The Water, TVC, 15”

CR Print00.jpg

Made with

CCO: Tor Myhren
ECDs: Ari Halper & Stephen Krauss
GCDs: Stu Mair & David Cuccinello
ACDs (idea originators): Ryan O'Keefe & Brian Hall
CW: Piet Melief
AD: Ian Liu
DSGN: Han Lin & Ricky Lu
DIR: Peter Thwaites @ The Corner Shop

GREY, 2015