The One Made For A King

Crown Royal

The throne was being besieged by an influx of small craft whiskies with origin tales that were more fiction than fact.

To reclaim Crown Royal’s reign, we told the epic true tale of the original craft whisky: the one perfectly smooth whisky made for a visiting king.


The One, Film, 90”


The Water, TVC, 15”

CR Print00.jpg

Made with

CCO: Tor Myhren
ECDs: Ari Halper & Stephen Krauss
GCDs: Stu Mair & David Cuccinello
ACDs (idea originators): Ryan O'Keefe & Brian Hall
CW: Piet Melief
AD: Ian Liu
DSGN: Han Lin & Ricky Lu
DIR: Peter Thwaites @ The Corner Shop

GREY, 2015

Of note

My partner, Brian Hall and I pitched the original idea, script and many of the final lines to the team over many months, but were ultimately left off the credits for taking positions elsewhere before production ended. Such is life.