The Elyx Water Truck Boutique

Absolut Elyx x water for people

A vodka company and a water charity walk into a bar…

Absolut Elyx and Water For People wanted to launch their partnership in as surprising a way as the partnership itself.

So we did the only reasonable thing and fabricated a vintage Ford truck into water truck with a pop-up bar / boutique hidden inside. Yeah. We did that. Then hit the road, stopping off in NYC, LA and Miami for Art Basel, to help solve the global water crisis (get this…) one copper pineapple at a time.

1 copper pineapple = 1 month of safe water

The Elyx Water Truck Boutique ultimately sold over 2,100 Absolut Elyx Copper Drinking Vessels, which helped provide over 12,500 people with sustainable access to safe, drinkable water for years to come.


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Made with

ECD: Daniel Chandler
ACD CW: Ryan O'Keefe
SR AD: André Gidoin
DSGN: Thørbjorn Gudnason & Jessica Marak
P: Oscar Péré

Sid Lee, 2016

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Addy, Gold
Addy, Judges’ Excellence
Type Director’s Club, Winner