Hello, Again


Edsel Ford said hell(n)o to convention by flipping the bird and building the cars he’d want to drive instead. Over a hundred years later we re-introduced that very same spirit by saying Hello, Again. This is but a sliver of the body of work that kicked off the new vision for the Lincoln Motor Company.


Hello Again, TVC, 60”


Hello Again, Film, 90”


Made with

CCO: Jon Pearce
CD: Jason Koxvold
SR CW: Ryan O'Keefe
SR AD: Brian Hall
EP: Sherry Levy & Jess McMahon
DIR: Kenji Yamashita @ Logan.tv
M: Black Iris + Aloe Blacc

Hudson Rouge, 2014

Recognized by

Webby, Nominee
Shortlisted: AICP, Best Design
Comm Arts Annual 5 (in book)
Comm Arts Creative Exhibit