Love Is The Answer

Aloe Blacc x Lincoln

When you have a relevancy problem, you can’t just quietly walk into the party, you have to crash it — in this case, the Grammys. We partnered with emerging musician Aloe Blacc to reinvent his newest single into a groundbreaking (for the time) interactive experience where people could create their own music video as they heard the song for the first time. Viewers could switch narratives and shift the sonic environment on the fly in real time to experience the song in their own unique way.


The Interactive Experience


Love Is The Answer, Director’s Cut


Case Study


BTS, Aloe Blacc

BTS, Ryan Heffington



A promo that ran during the Oscars — built as a behind-the-scenes single take from a retail spot we had just wrapped — that both revealed the forthcoming MKC for the first time and invited people to the Aloe Blacc interactive music video.


Made with

CCO: Jon Pearce
CD: Jason Koxvold
ACD CW: Ryan O'Keefe
ACD AD: Brian Hall
EP: Sherri Levy & Jonathon Doyle
DIR: Radical Friend @ Legs
PROD: Interlude

Hudson Rouge, 2014

Recognized by

Webby Nominee
Communication Arts (in book)