Music Video You Can Taste

Stella Artois

What does a song taste like?

To hear the flavor of a Stella Artois, we harnessed the power of synesthesia to create the world’s first music video you can taste. We created the interactive music video experience with a little help from The Roots and Professor Charles Spence, a synesthesia guru from Oxford University.

we then turned what we learned into a global multi-sensory platform called Le Savoir.


Bittersweet — The Roots, Director’s Cut

Drink a Stella Artois and see if the music influences its taste… bitter or sweet.


Case Study


Made with

ECD: Daniel Chandler
ACD CW: Ryan O'Keefe
SR AD: André Gidoin
EX DSGN: Claudia Chagui
EP: David Isaac & Betiel Salomon
DIR: Ben Tricklebank @ Tool
M: The Roots

Sid Lee, 2016

Recognized by

One Show, Bronze
One Show, Merit