The First Music Video You Can Taste

Stella Artois

Stella Artois designed the Chalice to enhance the tasting notes of their beer. Inspired by its influences over the senses, we embarked on a first-ever sensory experiment with The Roots and Professor Charles Spence, a synesthesia expert from Oxford. The result was an interactive music video featuring original music designed to enhance the tasting notes of a Stella Artois.


Bittersweet — The Roots, Director’s Cut


Case Study


Made with

ECD: Daniel Chandler
ACD CW: Ryan O'Keefe
SR AD: André Gidoin
EX DSGN: Claudia Chagui
EP: David Isaac & Betiel Salomon
DIR: Ben Tricklebank @ Tool
M: The Roots

Sid Lee, 2016

Recognized by

One Show, Bronze
One Show, Merit x2