Invent a Better Now


The reborn DuPont company is focused on making positive change to the planet — not fifteen years in the future, today. Our challenge, to DuPont and the world? To invent a better now.

Why wait for a better future?

That was the rhetorical question that led us to create a new global tagline and the first-ever 24HR live dynamic film for the new DuPont.

Using real-time data, we served a bespoke dynamic film to viewers based on their time of day, location, device, and news cycle. we even 3D printed a prosthetic hand for a child, LIVE, during the first 24 hours of the film’s launch.

All said and done, over 1 million films were created and served in real-time across multiple media platforms including The New York Times, Bloomberg, and an all-new DuPont web platform.


Invent a better n:ow 90”


Made with

ECD: Genevieve HoEY
CD: Ryan O’Keefe & Colin Kim
Creatives: Jason Koxvold & Todd Beeby
EP: Jon Drawbough
DIR: John Hillcoat @ Serial
EDIT: Shane Reid @ Exile
MUSIC: atticus Ross

R/GA, 2019